Remote power generation

Thermoelectric power generators

IEC has in its portfolio thermoelectric power generators (TEGs). These generators are manufactured by Gentherm Global Power Technologies (GPT), a company that has extensive experience with ‘TEGs’.

Gentherm is the world’s largest manufacturer of TEGs.


A thermoelectric generator has no moving parts but is designed to convert directly into electricity. The heat moves from a gas burner through a thermoelectric module, it causes an electrical current to flow.

GPT’s individual generators range in output size from 15 to 550 watts, and are ideal for remote power applications requiring power up to 5,000 watts.

Gentherm are designed for a minimum 20 year service life. Gentherm solutions are known for their ability to operate reliably in any environment. There are 25,000+ Gentherm products installed in 55 countries.