Anticorrosive protection for piping to rehabilitate pipelines | Heat Shrink blankets

Market leader in manufacturing special coatings used to seal and protect piping joints against corrosion.

Canusa-CPS products became a standard in the industry of anti-corrosive protection applied to field piping. The heat shrink blanket systems became the coating for field piping that is the most used in the whole world and the Canusa products are acknowledged as leaders in the process of making installation easier and in service performance.

GTS 65 / GTS 80 (Triple Layer)
Heat Shrink products to protect Welded Joints of Pipelines that operate at High Temperatures.
GTS-65 and GTS-80 systems provide excellent anti-corrosive protection provide protection and adhesion to onshore piping that operate at temperatures of up to, respectively, 65°C and 80° C. The GTS-65 and the GTS-80 were developed through a unique adhesive technology that enables these systems to remain \”open\” (fluid is in contact with the surface) for a longer time than the traditional adhesives.

They also present surface agents that allow adhesion to coatings with lower energy surfaces (such as the polypropylene). As a result, lower pre-heating is required, and a superior adhesion is obtained to the PE, PP and FBE surfaces.

Theproducts GTS-65 and GTS-80, when applied in a triple layer, require epoxy to be applied on the cutback area and 10 mm (0.5\”) over the adjacent pipe coating.
The indicated method, approved by Canusa for epoxy primer cure on steel surfaces allows the installer to pre-inspect the joint before applying the blanket. The epoxy will not be damaged during the alignment and contraction periods of the blanket. This method guarantees that the pipe will be completely protected. The first Canusa epoxy can be applied even to 6mils thicknesses (150 microns) for maximum anti-corrosive protection.

TBK – Directional Hole Kit (for installation of directional MND hole)

System of Multiple Heat-Shrink Blankets for Directional Holes

The TBK is a high performance system designed to protect welded joints of pipelines coated with a Triple Polyethylene, Polypropylene and Fusion Bonded Epoxy (FBE), installed by the non-destructive construction method.

The system consists of three components: A primary heat-shrink blanket which offers anti-corrosive protection to the joint; a secondary heat-shrink blanket that works as a protuberant sacrifice coating and high-thickness epoxy finishing that offers additional protection to the system.

This system provides effective protection against abrasion and the shearing forces at work during the pipe pulling operation in the directional hole. The system is entirely compatible with cathodic protection systems, is resistant to cathodic detachment, and was designed to operate in a broad temperature range.

Superior resistance to abrasion

The TBK – Kit for Directional Holes by Canusa uses a Multiple Layer of Layered Blankets coated with an adhesive that is activated by heat. The performance properties inherent in the product associated to the blanket adhesive reduce the damages in the coating during the installation of the piping and offer excellent resistance to the soil stress phenomenon and to pipe movements. The sacrifice blanket, which is narrower, coated with epoxy, is applied on the first edge of the primary blanket. Hardened epoxy finishing offers additional resistance to abrasion and to aging and therefore supports the forces that work on the coating during the run through the directional hole.

Canusa E-Primer

Forced Cure Epoxy for Superior Anticorrosive Protection in Triple Layer Systems.

The Canusa E primer is an especially formulated epoxy with 100% solids (no solvent).

Recommended uses: As a primer of triple-layer systems for a superior welded field joint anti-corrosive protection. Canusa\’s approved E Primer forced cure method allows the joint to be pre-inspected before the blanket is applied. This fact proves that the pipe is totally protected and will not be exposed to the corrosive contaminants during the alignment and contraction stages the blanket will go through.
The epoxy paste is an epoxidic product made of two components that are mixed at the time they are being applied. The paste is consistent with quick polymerization, used to protect joints. In addition to the anti-corrosive protection, the paste also offers excellent insulating protection.

HBE-95 – High Thickness Epoxy Coating

The HBE-95 is the latest in term of surface coating technology developed to solve specific industrial problems, combining the unique characteristics of the epoxy technologies and exclusive cure properties. The HBE-95 is an epoxidic coating system, 100% solid bicomponent, that was formulated specifically for application as an external coating on bare steel outside pipelines to protect joints of welded piping, valves and flanges or a repair material or rehabilitation system of the integral coatings of the piping.

The most common uses

Anti-corrosive coating for piping to be buried or submerged. It is used as protective coating and applied directly on the metal on field welded joints, on buried joints or as a coating for pipe rehabilitation.


High thickness in a sole coat
It can be applied and perfectly cured in a wide temperature range.
Environmentally safe material
100% solids
Excellent adhesion to the substratum
Superior adhesion to the Fusion Bonded Epoxy (FBE)
Ideal coating for joint protection and repair of pipes coated with FBE.
Excellent chemical and abrasion resistance
Meets the requirements of cathodic detachment resistance to operating temperatures of up to 95ºC (203ºF).
Easy application with brushes or rolls.

Canusa Wrap – WTC (for installation in normal MD ditches)

It provides superior anti-corrosive protection and excellent adhesion to the buried piping of which the fluids operate at ambient temperature. These blankets are ideal to be used in rehabilitations of which the main coating is the Enamel coal tar.

Products for piping repair

The products for piping repair are used to increase protection and/or repair coating damage. Canusas\’s complete product lineup provides great flexibility to perform a wide variety of repairs in integral coating on piping, from the smallest damage until coating holes and even when some areas of the steel surface are exposed.
– Melt Stick (Filling Bar) : The filling stick is made of an adhesive activated by heat and is supplied in the shape of a stem to make it easier to apply.

They are ideal for small repairs in coating, from superficial damage (visual) up to perforations and cracked areas of up to 10mm x 10mm.

– F-124 (Filling Mastic) : The filling mastic is used to fill bigger spaces and deep crevices in the damaged coating before the coating repair patch is applied (CRP). (Even when the damage has gone all the way down to the substratum).

– CRP-65 (Coating Repair Patch) : The CRP consists of an irradiated and reticulated polyolefin sheet coated with a heat-activated adhesive. This product is specially formulated to seal and protect damaged coating areas of up to 150mm x 150mm. The coating repair patch can be installed quickly and not require special tools. The installed CRP provides a humidity and corrosion barrier and is resistant to abrasion and shearing forces during the piping installationand while it is operating.

All products used for repair present excellent adhesion to steel and are compatible with the piping coatings that are usually applied.