Less Maintenance time, smaller cost and greater safety

– These are the benefits of the Perma Lubrication System

Every 19 seconds, a Perma product is installed or traded worldwide.

Manual lubrication is a thing of the past – today, if you are seeking safe and effective lubrication for your equipment, and reduction of long-term costs, switch to the Perma automatic lubrication systems. They provide ideal technical solutions for different Perma lubrication points. They provide ideal solutions for different lubrication points and save time, which can be used for other more important maintenance tasks.

Industries worldwide rely on perma lubrication systems
Perma manufactures and sells lubrication systems (single and multi-point) for all types of applications.
Currently, our systems are used in the industry worldwide.

In order to provide the best solution for each application, we involve our customers in the process of development from beginning to end. Customers of the mining, steel, energy, construction, automotive, food, plastic and chemical industries, rely on Perma automatic lubrication systems.