PIPESAK pipeline mooring systems.

The Pipesak geotextile ballasts represent a modern option for the clients that design and build pipelines. The genuine woven PipeSak ballasts can be quickly filled in the work site or near it, to be easily installed, and will have a longer service life than the one of the pipeline itself.

The PipeSak ballasts are installed on the pipeline after it is laid down in the ditch. The pipe is taken to the work site, welded and lowered to its position, as usual. With PipeSak ballasts the client gets a product that does not undergo biodegradation; it uses the natural gravel found around the work site as ballast; it prevents aggression to the coating and the pipeline; it limits blocking the cathodic protection system and reduces the project\’s costs.

Easy Installation

The PipeSak, floatability control, is designed to be filled with natural and local aggregate (the ballast itself) using an especially developed system to fill and remove the gravel quickly through a bucket/funnel system. It can fill the bags in any area where a certain quantity of gravel can be accumulated.

. There is no need to remove water from the ditch or to make it deeper.
. Once installed, the PipeSak ballasts will never slip down the pipeline.

The PipeSak has several advantages, concerning corrosion, over other counterweights for floatability control.
. There are no spaces between the Pipesak and the pipeline, which prevents accumulation of soil particles, which may damage the pipeline coating while the ditch is being refilled.
. Pipesaks are soft, reducing any risk of damage to the coating or the pipeline during installation.
. Pipesak ballasts do not contain metal components that may rust or damage the pipeline.
. There are no obstacles to the cathodic protection because the porous material of the Pipesak offers easy passage for the electric currents from the cathodic protection.

PIPEPILLO piping support

Pipesak has developed the PipePillo®, that, when piled, serves as a support for the piping, raising the pipes beside the ditch at an ideal height for the welding, surface preparation and blanket application. A proper replacement for the \”bonfires\”, made of wood and built in the field, the PipePillo is environmentally correct and economically more feasible, because it can be reused in different work sites and even in other projects, for pipes of up to three different diameters.