ROSEN is one of the main international operators and has geometry pigs, optical pigs, MFL pigs, conventional pigs and cross-section pigs, as well as pigs to detect cracks (EMAT).

Instrumented pigs are the most efficient tools to inspect pipelines aiming at guaranteeing integrity. They run inside the pipelines measuring their physical properties, identifying geometry defects and metal loss areas, such as dents, corrosion and cracks.

In addition to that, ROSEN has a complete lineup of cleaning pigs and accessories.

Rosen supplies storage tank inspection services as per the API 653 standard with certified inspectors. ROSEN is also the only operator of the TBIT, a tank bottom inspection tool through high resolution magnetic flux leakage which is the only one that is able to locate and size defects automatically and can inspect up to 700m2/day.

Rosen also offers integrity analysis services in pipelines and tanks including IBR studies (Inspection based on Risk) and pipeline and tank integrity management software. (ROAIM).