Flexpipe Systems, a subsidiary of the ShawCor, produces and trades a flexible pipeline composite system provided in spools to use wherever high pressure and corrosion resistant pipelines are needed.

Exploration and Oil and Gas Transportation
ONSHORE Production Well Collection Lines
Water disposal
CO2 injection lines / water injection lines
ONSHORE Production Well collection lines
Applications where corrosion resistant pipelines are needed.

The Installation Solution

The pipes of the Flexpipe Systems can be installed in several ways: open-air ditch, non-destructive methods, aerial lines or insertion of pipes in deteriorated steel lines.
Flexible, continuous and supplied in spools, Flexpipe Systems pipes and their highly reliable coupling systems allow quick assembly, which results in less line assembly time, and a considerable reduction in the installation costs.

The Economic Solution

The pipes of the Flexpipe Systems are a solution with a highly competitive cost.
A tractor-trailer can transport up to 6km of spools at once, which represents a considerable reduction in the transportation and handling costs of the product, which is very light.

Since the pipe is supplied in very long spools, the number of connections is much lower than with the pipes individually supplied, which are 12m long. The connections, entirely cold installed, do not need welds or inspection.
The Environmentally Friendly Solution
The pipes of the Flexpipe Systems can be installed through a constructive method that requires a narrower easement and less equipment than the conventional metallic pipes.
Flexpipe markedly reduces the environmental impact and allows the end-user to keep a good relationship with the landowners.

The Solution for Corrosion

The patented design of a Flexpipe three-layered composite allows a service life expectancy of 50 years, and is completely immune to corrosion.
The immunity to the corrosion eliminates the possibility of leaks and spills associated with the deterioration of conventional metallic pipes.
Once installed, Flexpipe allows great economy in operation and maintenance of the pipelines, because it is immune to corrosion. That eliminates the need for corrosion inhibition programs, cathodic protection systems, inspection and maintenance of the external coating, periodic inspections of the pipes with smart pigs, and avoids changing corroded pipes or applying reinforcements with brackets or other repair methods.
The Solution for Safety
Flexpipe Systems is committed to guarantee a safe work environment for all its employees, clients and service providers.
Flexpipe Systems ensures that the unions used to connect the pipes are extremely safe because they are cold-installed.
The pipes by Flexpipe Systems require smaller field installation teams and less equipment, reducing the risk of accidents.
All the Flexpipe Systems activities are carried out according to the HSE laws (health, safety and environmental protection at work).


The pipes manufactured by Flexpipe Systems are made according to the following standards:
– ASTM F2686-10: The Flexpipe Linepipe pipes meet the international ASTM standards as defined in the \”Standard Specification for Thermoplastic Pipes Reinforced with fiberglass\”.
– ISO 9001:2008 : Flexpipe Systems is certified for complying with the \”Quality Management System: Requirements\”.
– ASME: Flexipe flanges are according to the requirements by ASME b 16.5, \”Pipe Flanges and flanged fittings\”.


– Flexpipe Linepipe: A continuous system, available in the inside diameters of 2\”, 3\” and 4\” with pressure ratings of 150, 600 and 600 ANSI. The three-layer design is formed by an inside PEAD pipe, a reinforcement made of dry fiberglass and external jacket for mechanical protection of the intermediate (fiberglass mesh helically applied under pressure).
– Flexpipe HT Linepipe: Continuous system available in the 2\”, 3\” and 4\” internal diameters with a pressure rating of 600 ANSI. Product with the same design of the Flexpipe Linepipe line, but with the jacket and coating made of PEAD-TE of the highest performance level, able to withstand high temperatures and hostile chemical environments, which gives the piping the ability to operate in temperatures of up to 82° C.
– Flexcord Linepipe: Stainless and continuous system, with the strength and cyclical durability of steel. Available in the internal diameters of 3\” and 4\”, with pressure rating of 600 ANSI. It has the same configuration of the Flexpipe Linepipe but the intermediate is constituted by helically wound galvanized steel cords. There is also an additional PEAD layer between the two steel cord layers. Its application is for projects that require tolerance to severe pressure or pulsation cycles.

– Pipe – Pipe: installed like unions between Flexpipe pipes.

– Flanged Ends: installed as terminals on the Flexpipe pipes.

– Weld neck or nozzle: installed to connect a Flexpipe pipe to an existing steel pipe.

– Interconnections: connections of the kind \”Y\”, \”T\” installed for future pipeline branching.